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Programs for 2019

The following programs are offered primarily for our members, and are held in conjunction with our monthly business meeting and a light buffet meal; however, non-members are welcome to attend as guests. If an event interests you, and you would like to attend, please get in touch and we will provide location and other details. This enables you to choose whether you wish to come for the program only, or also for the members’ meeting, and permits us to ensure that our catering is adequate to the number of participants.  Additional details of each presentation may be provided as the date approaches, so please check back.

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February 26, 12 noon

“Getting to Know Ephemerals” presented by Ed Bowen and Taylor Johnston of Issima, a small garden nursery in Little Compton, RI. 

Ever heard the term “ephemerals”?  Come to our first meeting of the year to learn what this term means.  Be introduced to these lesser known, unusual hardy varieties so you can include some of these unique and exquisite fleeting beauties in your own garden.   Ed and Taylor will bring some ephemerals to showcase that you might be able to purchase!

March 19, 6pm

“The Majesty and Mystery of Crop Circles” presented by John Root of Earthwise Landscaping

John Root, who has botany degrees from Oberlin and UNC at Chapel Hill, will provide a PowerPoint presentation on the majesty and mystery of crop circle, which have been appearing in farmer’ fields and other locations throughout the world.  Interpretations of these intricate and exquisite formations, many of which occur near sacred sites and refer to mystical traditions, will be  discussed.  Audiences are invited to share their reactions to these images.

April 23, 6pm

 “Spring Centerpieces” presented by Yumiko Fletcher of Hana Floral Design in Mystic.

Yumiko will demonstrate how to create spring floral centerpieces using various spring flowers and forcing branches.  She will also demonstrate how to create a coordinating bouquet – questions will be encouraged as she designs!


July 16, 6pm

“10 Gardening Ideas and Trends that Landscape Professionals Wished Home Gardeners Knew”  presented by Kathy Connolly.

Kathy is a landscape designer, a well-known columnist for The Day, and  a frequent speaker throughout southern New England. In this one-hour illustrated talk, Kathy will convey insights from professional landscapers and garden center owners about common beliefs and practices they encounter among landowners.  We’ll get a glimpse into how to be a better purchaser of landscape services.  We’ll also take a peek at land care trends and technology on the horizon.  Be prepared for some laughs and perhaps a bit of controversy.


August 20, 6pm

 “The Great Botanical Gardens of the World” presented by Dr. Richard Benfield, Chair of the Department of Geography, Central Connecticut State University.

 Dr. Benfield will present a one hour PowerPoint presentation, scanning five centuries and five continents, tracing the world’s most spectacular botanical gardens. He will have copies of his book “Garden Tourism” available to purchase.

September 17, noon

“Plant Geeks Are Us: Oddball Plants for Oddball People” presented by Adam Wheeler of Broken Arrow Nursery.

Adam will provide a fun-filled PowerPoint presentation that explores the world of unusual woody plants with a special eye focused on rarities best-suited for New England landscapes. Adventurous gardeners will learn about a diversity of treasures available from only a handful of sources in the world. Ornamental qualities, cultural details and design perspective are all integrated into this geeky and visually pleasing presentation. Plants may be available to purchase.


And Don’t Forget:

May 11, 9am-1pm, Wheeler High School (New  Location!)
Annual Plant and Seedling Sale


Join us at Wheeler High School, Route 2, North Stonington to stock your garden with perennials, annuals, herbs, and vegetables, and to shop for garden features and affordable and unique Mothers’ Day gifts. Feel free to bring your own garden cart or wagon so that you can load up on everything your heart desires! More info on our Annual Plant Sale

Click here to view photos from previous Plants Sales.  We already working towards making our 2019 Plant Sale the best ever.  Mark your calendar now! And if you want to follow our progress, as well as our other programs, community events, and activities, follow us on Facebook.