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Programs for 2018

The following programs are offered primarily for our members, and are held in conjunction with our monthly business meeting and a light buffet meal; however, non-members are welcome to attend as guests. If an event interests you, and you would like to attend, please get in touch and we will provide location and other details. This enables you to choose whether you wish to come for the program only, or also for the members’ meeting, and permits us to ensure that our catering is adequate to the number of participants.  Additional details of each presentation may be provided as the date approaches, so please check back.

Contact us for program details


February 27, 12 noon
Creating a Miniature Garden Terrarium

This will be a hands-on workshop led by Nancy Ballek McKinnon.


March 20, 6pm
Noah’s Ark: Saving What We can While We Can

Speaker: Mark Seth Lender

April 24, 6pm
Designing with Flowers from the Supermarket

Beautiful flowers on a table in your home or workplace always make people happy! Carrie Wilcox will present a slide show and hands-on demonstration using flowers and materials easy for all of us to find. Join us as Carrie demonstrates  utilizing these flowers in unusual, cost-effective and beautiful ways.


July 17, 6pm
Singing Leaves:The Songs & Stories of Crickets and Katydids

John Himmelman has written and /or illustrated  more than 60 children’s books since 1981. Most of John’s books stem from his obvious passion for animals and nature. He will provide a PowerPoint presentation on the songs and stories of crickets and katydids.

August 21, 6pm
Old Garden Roses

 Mirjana Toyn has a passion for roses going back more than 20 years.  She is past President of the Connecticut Rose Society and is currently chair of the American Rose Society’s Yankee District and a consulting Rosarian. there are close to 100 roses growing in her small Guilford garden! recently she has been growing roses from seed and hybridizing. Come prepared to learn, be inspired, and enjoy a lecture and PowerPoint presentation.

September 18, noon
Drought Tolerant Gardening and Landscaping

Warren Leach  is a passionate collector and landscape horticulturist with an in-depth knowledge of all garden plants.he is also a distinguished and award-winning garden designer. explore verdant and water-wise gardens as he introduces a broad palette of hardy trees, shrubs, and perennials.  Warren will showcase several drought-tolerant plant alternatives to turf grass, showing before and after landscape designs. This colorful PowerPoint presentation of garden images will inspire your own sustainable garden.


Programs for the Community

The programs and events below are open to anyone who is interested in attending. Feel free to just show up, unless specified.  Always feel free to contact us with questions.

March 2, 7pm   Wheeler Library
“Hometown Habitat: Stories of Bringing Nature Home”

A free public screening of a 90-minute environmental documentary, co-sponsored by Wheeler Library. This film, based on the influential book by Douglas Tallamy, illustrates how and why native plants are critical to the vitality and survival of ecosystems, with real-life examples and lessons that you can apply to your own backyard.  Join us, and invite your friends and neighbors, too.



May 12, 9am-1pm, North Stonington Elementary School
Annual Plant and Seedling Sale

Join us at North Stonington Elementary School, Route 2, North Stonington to stock your garden with perennials, annuals, herbs, and vegetables, and to shop for garden features and affordable and unique Mothers’ Day gifts. Feel free to bring your own garden cart or wagon so that you can load up on everything your heart desires! More info on our Annual Plant Sale

Click here to view photos from previous Plants Sales.  We already working towards making our 2018 Plant Sale the best ever.  Mark your calendar now! And if you want to follow our progress toward making 2018 our best Plant Sale ever, follow us on Facebook.