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Our programs are offered primarily for our members, and are held in conjunction with our monthly business meeting; however, non-members are welcome to attend as guests. If an event interests you, and you would like to attend, please get in touch and we will provide location and other details including Zoom details. This enables you to choose whether you wish to come for the program only, or also for the members’ meeting.

Contact us for program details

February 15, 12 noon

“The Three S’s:  Socializing, Sharing and Swapping”

 With hope in our hearts, and fingers crossed, the plan is to kick off the 2022 gardening season with this informal, in-person meeting, so enjoyed by members in years past.  This will be a potluck lunch, so bring a table-ready dish to share.  Then, after a short business meeting, we’ll have a “potluck” of gardening tips, tricks, and favorites.  Don’t be shy in sharing!  Here is some “food for thought” to get you started:

  • What was your favorite plant in 2021?  Any tips to make it thrive?
  • Do you have a tool you just can’t live without?
  • Did you start a new bed in your garden?  Come up with a new combination for pots?
  • Discover a better way to start with or save seeds?

There will also be an opportunity for each committee to share their plans for an exciting 2022.  More information to come on this one, but think in terms of visuals – a poster, table display, etc. that will excite member interest in your planned projects and events.  

And, finally, we’ll set up a swap table.  If you have a duplicate catalog, gardening tool, book, houseplant or other garden-related item, bring it along.  Your discard item may be a “treasure” to another gardener!

In the event of the need to return to more stringent COVID-19 restrictions that make an in-person meeting impossible, this meeting will be held via Zoom as we did in 2021.  It will still be a “sharing meeting” but will not include a potluck lunch or swap items.  


March 15, 6:00 pm          

“I Like It, I Love It and the Deer Don’t Eat It!”

Adam Wheeler of Broken Arrow Nursery will present a detailed and informative lecture that explores a garden free from the impact of deer.  Adam will discuss the ornamental qualities and essential cultural details for a diverse assortment of underutilized and exceptional plants that show strong resistance to deer browse.  In addition, strategies for managing the impact of deer in the garden as well as tricks to succeed with “deer candy” in “deer country” will be highlighted.

April 19, 6:00 pm 

“Tricks of the Trade”

Put two florists in a room, and immediately they will start sharing ideas, tips, and tricks learned during their time at the design bench.  Whether they have been standing at the table for 2 years, 2 months or 20 years, every designer brings a different perspective, toolbox and experience.  Our speaker, Leah Van Ness of Montville Florist, will share a few of the tips and tricks that she has learned during her 37 years at the design bench.  During her presentation, Leah will prepare several designs while explaining placement, line and design trends, as well as sharing some information on favorite tools that make her design work easier and faster.

July 19,  6:00 pm

“Plant Swap”

This popular event began as a Horticultural project in 2019, and now, for the third year, is scheduled as a general meeting.  The concept is simple:  you bring a plant . . . and you take home a plant!  Start thinking about a favorite or unusual plant of yours that another member might enjoy.  Stories welcome!  More detailed instructions will follow as the time draws near.   


August 16, 6:00 pm

 “Butterflies and their Gardens”

John Himmelman is an author, illustrator, naturalist and popular lecturer.  In this presentation he will answer some of the questions often asked about the lives and preferences of butterflies.  His topics will include butterfly taxonomy and life cycles, where to find butterflies and how to create appropriate habitats for these “jewels in your own backyard.” He will also include a section comparing moths to butterflies.  His photographs were all taken in Connecticut.  John will have some of his books available for purchase and signing.

September 20 12:00 noon

 “Growing Iris in New England”

Ruth Bennett, Master Judge for the American Iris Society, maintains a garden in East Haddam with over 200 named varieties of iris.  Ruth’s program will cover many diverse iris species, the most recent introductions of New England hybridizers, and latest organic techniques in growing irises.  She will discuss the best methods for dealing with pests and difficult growing conditions and will show us the latest interspecies crosses, new iris developments, and the latest colors.  We will learn which irises grow well in our capricious New England climate and how to have blooming iris from spring through autumn.




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