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The following programs are offered primarily for our members, and are held in conjunction with our monthly business meeting and a light buffet meal; however, non-members are welcome to attend as guests. If an event interests you, and you would like to attend, please get in touch and we will provide location and other details. This enables you to choose whether you wish to come for the program only, or also for the members’ meeting, and permits us to ensure that our catering is adequate to the number of participants.  Additional details of each presentation may be provided as the date approaches, so please check back.

Contact us for program details

February 25, 12 noon

The Three S’s: Socializing, Sharing and Swapping

An informal program to kick off  our 2020 gardening season.  Consistent with the ‘pot luck’ lunch, we’ll have a ‘pot luck’ of gardening tips and tricks.

We will also have a Gardening Swap table set up.  One person’s unwanted item is another person’s “how did I ever live with it” item: extra houseplants, duplicate seed or bulb catalog, gardening book or tool that you never use, extra pair of gloves, or any other “swappable” items are all welcome.

March 17, 6pm

“The World of Peonies”                                                               Dan Furman

This PowerPoint covers botany and the cultivation history of the various types of peonies in China, Japan, and the US.  Attendees will learn how to create a successful peony garden, including growing requirements for New England. 


April 28, 6pm

“Butterflies and their Gardens ”                                          John Himmelman

This presentation answers many of the questions that are asked about the lives and preferences of this group of insects.  The photos were taken in and around Connecticut.  Some topics covered are: butterfly families and species; life cycles; finding butterflies; and creating butterfly habitats.  There is also a fun section on moths, “cousins” of the butterflies.  These beneficial insects enjoy a wide range of dazzling forms and colors. They truly are the “jewels in your own backyard”

John is an author, illustrator, naturalist and popular lecturer.    Among his many accomplishments are the many books he has written and illustrated for children as well as adults.  Some of these may be available for purchase and signing.


August 18, 6pm

“Predators in Our Back Yards”                                                  Kim Hargrave

From bears to weasels, there are many fascinating predators calling North Stonington home. Learn more about their important role in the ecosystem, natural history and which habitats they inhabit.  Kim, Education Director at the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center, will present a PowerPoint presentation about the ones we might encounter right in our backyards.

September 15, noon

“Spring Wildflowers”                                                                                Margery Winters

Margery is the Assistant Director and instructor at Roaring Brook Nature in Canton.  She will speak on Connecticut’s myriad collection of wildflowers.  We will discover why they bloom in the spring, where to find them, how they got their names and what makes these plants so special.

And Don’t Forget:

May 9, 9am-1pm, Wheeler High School 
Annual Plant and Seedling Sale

Join us at Wheeler High School, Route 2, North Stonington to stock your garden with perennials, annuals, herbs, and vegetables, and to shop for garden features and affordable and unique Mothers’ Day gifts. Feel free to bring your own garden cart or wagon so that you can load up on everything your heart desires! More info on our Annual Plant Sale

Click here to view photos from previous Plants Sales.  We already working towards making our 2020 Plant Sale the best ever.  Mark your calendar now! And if you want to follow our progress, as well as our other programs, community events, and activities, follow us on Facebook.