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Plant Sale FAQ

A. Our 2021 Plant Sale has been canceled because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Our next sale is tentatively planned for Saturday, May 7, 2022, from 9am to 1pm. Our plant sale is typically held the Saturday before Mother’s Day each year, so mark your calendars now.

A. May we humbly suggest that it is one of the best?

  • In addition to perennials dug from our own gardens, we offer annuals, herbs, heirloom tomatoes, vegetables, hanging baskets and perennials  from the most reputable local dealers.  These are all sold at a very small mark-up above cost, and so are less expensive than retail.  
  • The expert advice of our members is yours free, to help ensure that your purchases thrive in your garden.  (Members are the ones in the red aprons.) We also have a Master Gardener booth onsite to answer your questions and offer soil tests.
  • In addition to plants, we offer a selection of garden features and affordable Mothers’ Day gifts.  
  • Children who stop by our features table may find there is a free seedling for them to take  home.
  • If you have too many plants to carry, store them in our Holding Area, and keep shopping.
  • If you need to refuel, members of the congregation of the North Stonington Congregational Church will be there, selling sandwiches, snacks, and their famous baked goods.

A.  We gladly accept cash, personal checks, and credit cards  (please note, your financial institution may make an additional charge to you for credit card use).

If you prefer to pay by cash and/or don’t have your check book with you, there is an ATM at the Chelsea Groton Bank at Holly Green Shopping Plaza, about a mile north of the Elementary School on Route 2. We are happy to hold your plants in our Holding Area if you need to make an ATM run. 

If you opt to use a credit card, there will be  designated cashiers who will be accepting credit card payments, look for the sign. For your convenience, once you have your chosen purchases tallied, you do not have to haul them around  with you while you go to pay; you can leave them in the Holding Area while you take your tally sheet to a cashier. Once you have paid, our Holding Area volunteers will help you transport your purchases to your car. 

A. Glad you asked!

  • The gate opens at 9 am. No early birds! Not even ‘window shoppers’.
  • We provide strawberry boxes to use as trays for your plant selections.  There are also a limited number of carts, but these are always in high demand, so consider bringing your own.  If you use one of ours, please return it after you are done.
  • When you finish shopping and are ready to pay, locate a tallier (look for the”Tallier” sign or for members with clipboards and green aprons), who will add up the total cost of your purchases and give you a tally sheet to take to one of the cashiers. (This way you don’t have to haul all of your plants through the cashier line.)
  • During our busiest period, (typically from about 9:30-10:30 or 11am) there is often a line at the cashier desks.  We appreciate your patience.
  • If you have more plants than you can carry, you can leave them in our Holding Area while you continue to shop. A member will give you a numbered ticket that will correspond to your assigned spot in the Holding Area.  You can continue to drop plants off there until you are ready to pay.  There is a tallier and a cash desk in the holding area, for your convenience.
  • Once you have paid, the cashier will stamp your tally sheet ‘Paid’. Hand this sheet to the member at the exit as you leave.
  • We are happy to help you load plants into your vehicle.  If you used one of our carts, please return it.  
  • Our goal is to sell all of our plants by noon. If this doesn’t happen we may opt to discount the remaining plants.  Don’t count on this!  The best plants are snapped up early.  If we find we have too many unsold plants, an announcement may be made announcing a discount sale.  At this time, we will request that our customers have all of the plants they have already selected  tallied up.  Customers may then continue to shop, if they choose, for discounted plants, but they must pay full price for any plants selected prior to this announcement. An additional tally sheet, reflecting discounted prices will be issued for these, but you can pay for  all  your plants with a single trip to a cashier.
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